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My Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio. Here you’ll find a selection of my work. Explore my projects to learn more about what I do.
My current work is the culmination of twenty years of research, diversion and circumvention, going from the figurative to the abstract, from the landscapes to the lines. ​
Resin is my favorite material. It does not simply cover my paintings but is an integral part of them, used to create effects of depth and allow the viewer to get lost in order to find their way. FLOREA, LICHEA, LINEA and SILVEA dialogue from painting to painting.
Each painting made with several layers of acrylic and epoxy résin. This gives a 3D effect and a depth you cannot really see on photos.
Medium size are 60x60cm or 50x61cm and large size are 80x80cm or 100x100cm.
Each peace of artwork is alive single or can be part of a composition.
Click on each image project to see the content of the project.

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