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Resin has been my favorite material for a few months. It does not simply cover my paintings but is an integral part of them, used to create effects of depth and allow the viewer to get lost in order to find their way. Floréa, Linéa, Lichéa and Silvéa dialogue from painting to painting. It is the culmination of twenty years of research, diversion and circumvention, going from the figurative to the abstract, from the landscape to the line. ​

Here is a little history:

My first paintings painted in 2005 were classic and figurative with an evolution in 2011 towards floral and graphic flights.


In 2013 I painted large flowered and hilly meadows, lands covered with autumnal vines, a luminous rapeseed, a blond wheat.
I was then working the perspectives with precision. Lines were already running, circulating across fields, multiplying the invitations to take a walk or to let one's thoughts progress.

In 2014, my style tends more towards abstraction, the subject disappears, the horizon is the only figurative element which brings back a little bit to reality, without however preventing the glance and to escape. This is the birth of the "Horizons" collection. Over the years, the work of color and material is still present but the repetition of the lines, in a horizontal and sometimes vertical frame, forms a kind of weaving, leading to new landscapes.

In 2016, landscapes are abstract, lines and crossings quiver, vibrate and intersect in a singular rhythm. The colors and graphics evoke for some viewers natural or constructed elements. The collection "Living" is alive. 

End 2016, floral or grassy-inspired repetitions created the paintings in the "Flights"" collection.

2018 marks the return to working on straight lines, evoking horizons or emphasizing a geometric shape that focuses attention. This is the birth of the "Focus" collection.

While continuing the "Horizons" collection, my work evolves towards a new resolutely abstract theme. The lines cross and re-cross to make the visible disappear. This is the last collection of 2021 "Invisibles".

In 2020, figurative landscapes and blossom is the last collection. 

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